Hola! I'm Susan Jimenez, I create original art for lovers of nature and colour. 

I'm an an watercolour and mixed media artist. Raised on Sydney Northern Beaches, now based in the Netherlands - where the sea and flowers are close by.

My work is inspired by exploring nature, patterns, colours and my travels. Painting brings me joy, calmness and creates space for self expression as well as practising mindfulness.

My art is usually spontaneous and subconscious creation of my interpretation of nature and my imagination in how my brush flows.

I love to explore patterns, texture and colours that unfolds the closer you get to nature. This shows up by the way I enjoy adding details to my art.

I have always been creative though recently I have reconnected to making art thorough my art practise. After not painting for almost 10 years, 100-day art challenges in 2020 brought me back to my love for painting daily.

I am also a creative coach that used to make brand videos for small business. But just a few years ago I went back to making art as I struggled making sense of loss and navigated a new world of grieving. Around the same time I was intrigued to develop good habits in life such as morning routines. 

The combination of the two made a significant change in both my work and lifestyle. It certainly didn’t happen overnight or was it easy either. Though consistency was the key to create a massive shift for the better and for a more fulfilling life.

Reconnecting into my creativity through 100-day challenge has guided me to new path of purpose and confidence through my art and creative practise.

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